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Craig Brown

Photography By Craig Fine Art

Hamilton, On


My journey in photography started off somewhere around 1992 when I was planning a trip to Australia to visit a pen pal there and spend 3 weeks touring part of the country. I was living in a basement apartment at the time. I was talking to my landlord one day and mentioned I was heading there. He asked me what I was taking for a camera. All I had at the time was a Kodak Disc camera! He was shocked to say the least! He went inside and came out with a Pentax 35mm camera body, 2 lens and some other stuff all in a bag. He offered it to me to take. While being very grateful, I was also concerned as this looked to be very expensive gear. He told me if I broke it, I owned it! Sounded like a fair deal to me.

So off I went to Australia. I managed to royally screw up the first roll of film loaded into the camera. Someone there showed me how to do it properly and I was good to go. When I got back from my trip I took the film to a local lab and got back 7 rolls of prints. I had taken some great photo's! I was shocked! I went to a local camera store and spoke with the people there about 35mm cameras. They pointed me at Canon and told me it was great stuff. So I bought a body and a couple of lens and began playing around.

I took a few weekend courses and did a couple of workshops over the next couple of years, along with getting married, starting a new job and buying a house! I continued to buy photography gear and one day my wife mentioned to me that if I really wanted to continue on my quest I should make an effort to make money at photography. She suggested people photography. I was appalled! People? They are a pain in the butt I said! A short time after that a neighbour on our street who knew I did photography came to me and asked me if I would photograph their wedding. oh gawd! They had very little money and could not afford a pro. After weeks of sweating, and gaining more grey hair the day finally arrived. I had done a bunch of reading but I was still stressed to the max. The day went okay and I waited nervously to get the prints back from the lab. They were wonderful and the bride and groom were very happy!

So this started 10 years of wedding and portrait photography. I started my own business, took night school courses for years and obtained my Commercial Photographer certificate. I bought and constantly upgraded equipment. And then the digital age arrived.

At first I was reluctant to dive into the digital realam. As the next couple of years passed and the technology improved I could almost for see what was going to happen in the smaller wedding market. Everyone was buying P & S cameras and everyone was becoming a photographer. Couples started asking for a CD of their images and wanting their weddings photographed for almost free. Along with working full time and traveling a lot, I finally made the decision to shut the business down and spend more time with friends and family.

In the past several years I have kept up with what is happening in the world of photography and I have done some fabulous workshops in the Nature, Landscape and Wildlife areas of photography. I have not done much in the post processing side and virtually nothing in the printing side.

During my trip to Glacier National Park in Montana I made a decision to dive back into photography with more seriousness than in the past several years. I am not going to go back to photographing people. I am however going to spend more time working on my images, learning the workflow. I am going to take more trips when I have the time and spend more time at photography.

I am now teaching courses out of my home and having a blast! I am also running a group and I started Part II of my Life Through The Lens project on January 1, 2013


Standing in Awe of the Auroras by Craig Brown


Northern Lights and Moon by Craig Brown


Dancing Lights by Craig Brown


Foggy Seascape by Craig Brown


Dark Hedges by Craig Brown


Ship Wreck by Craig Brown


Old Train Station by Craig Brown


Giants Causeway Sunset by Craig Brown


The Breeches Arch by Craig Brown


Celtic Graveyard by Craig Brown


Santa Bear by Craig Brown


Sunset at Cootes Bay by Craig Brown


Tews Falls by Craig Brown


African Sunrise by Craig Brown


Rhino and Mom by Craig Brown


African Buffalo by Craig Brown


African Fish Eagle by Craig Brown


African Wild Dogs by Craig Brown


African Sunset by Craig Brown


White Backed Vulture by Craig Brown


Yawning Lion by Craig Brown


Lions by Craig Brown


Eagle Owl by Craig Brown


Dual Rhino's by Craig Brown


Giraffe by Craig Brown


Face of a Leapord by Craig Brown


Southern Yellow Billed Hornbill by Craig Brown


Jackals by Craig Brown


Brown Hooded Kingfisher by Craig Brown


Woolly Necked Stork by Craig Brown


Wildebeast by Craig Brown


The King by Craig Brown


Egyptian Geese by Craig Brown


Lilac Breasted Roller by Craig Brown


Double Rainbow by Craig Brown


Sunset Over Cootes by Craig Brown


Peregrine Falcon by Craig Brown


Eastern Screech Owl by Craig Brown


Eye of the Owl by Craig Brown


Great Horned Owl by Craig Brown


American Kestrel by Craig Brown


Posts In The Water by Craig Brown


Old Bucket by Craig Brown


Window Shadow by Craig Brown


Rusted Metal by Craig Brown


Rusty Metal by Craig Brown


Funky Truck by Craig Brown


Pavement Cracks by Craig Brown